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Quick Facts
  • U.S. Census Population (2020 official): 4,088
  • Regional Commission: Heart of Georgia Altamaha
  • County: Jeff Davis
  • Congressional District: 8
  • State Senate District: 19
  • State Legislature Districts: 157

Administration and Legal

Thank you for visiting the office of Vernice Thompson, City Clerk. Vernice, whose hometown is Hazlehurst, has been with the city since 2015 and is dedicated to providing a variety of services to the public. As custodian of all city records, the clerk, with assistance by her colleagues Kim Carter, Sherry Mallette and Deputy Clerk Lorrie Williams, also serves the public by handling grant management, all notices and keeping minutes of meetings, preparing agendas, taking care of all requests under the Georgia Open Records Act, and much more. The clerk also serves as the chief finance officer and personnel director. 

Contact the clerk’s office at or call (912) 375-6680.

Ken W. Smith serves as city attorney and municipal court judge. Contact him at (912) 375-7797.

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