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Hazlehurst Water World Splash Pad

Rules and Regulations

Please note the rules of Hazlehurst Water World (formerly known as Hazlehurst Splash Pad). The City of Hazlehurst wants all of its guests to be happy and healthy, and we ask that you follow these guidelines for using the splash pad.

  1. Swimsuits and/or appropriate attire must be worn at all times.

  2. Boys must wear bathing suit shorts at all times. Men must wear bathing suit shorts and a t-shirt or “Rash Guard” swim shirt at all times. Denim, khakis, cut off shorts, Speedos or revealing swimwear is strictly prohibited.

  3. Girls must wear a one-piece bathing suit. Women must wear a one-piece suit and either a t-shirt or “Rash Guard” swim shirt or bathing suit shorts. Two-piece suits, bikini thongs, or revealing swimwear is strictly prohibited.

  4. Sunbathing is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the splash pad.

  5. Children aged 15 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times. Parents who leave children unattended will be referred to local law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution.

  6. At first sign of thunder and lightning, please vacate the splash pad and seek shelter outside the confines of the splash pad.

  7. Footwear/sandals are strongly recommended. Street shoes are not allowed.

  8. Running, rough play, horseplay and undue disturbances are prohibited.

  9. Do not climb, hang, swing, or pull/push on any of the splash pad equipment.

  10. Do not sit, stand, cover, or block any of the water jets.

  11. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers (regular diaper changing should occur).

  12. Drinking, spitting, and spouting of water from mouth/nose is not allowed.

  13. Consumption of food/drinks is not allowed on the splash pad and must be confined to the shelter area.

  14. Glassware and similar materials with a tendency to shatter on impact are not allowed in the splash pad or shelter area.

  15. Persons should not use the splash pad if they are suspected of having or have a communicable disease, diarrhea, open blisters and/or cuts.

  16. Persons are prohibited from using the splash pad as a bathing facility. All persons should use the shower area before entering and after exiting the splash pad.

  17. Athletic equipment, balls, bats, beach balls, noodles, inflatable toys, etc. are prohibited in the splash pad area.

  18. All users must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe, and family oriented manner. The use of profane language will not be tolerated.

  19. Pets are not allowed in the splash pad or shelter area.

  20. Radios or other acoustical devices are only permitted when used in conjunction with personal headsets. Amplified sound is restricted.

  21. Skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, scooters or any other wheeled devices are prohibited in the splash pad area.

  22. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited.

  23. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Hazlehurst Water World Splash Pad is owned and managed by the City of Hazlehurst. The fun, family-friendly venue, which opened in 2018, is ideal for cooling off and enjoying hot summer afternoons. The splash pad is open daily from spring until fall from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., with season opening and closing dates announced on the City of Hazlehurst’s Facebook page.

Please note the rules and regulations of the splash pad and that for everyone to be happy and healthy, they must be followed. For questions regarding Hazlehurst Water World, please call City Hall at 912-375-6680.


City of Hazlehurst
86 S. Cromartie Street
P.O. Box 519
Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539
Telephone (912) 375-6680
Fax (912) 375-6690

Quick Facts

  • U.S. Census Population (2020 official): 4,088

  • Regional Commission: Heart of Georgia Altamaha

  • County: Jeff Davis

  • Congressional District: 8

  • State Senate District: 19

  • State Legislature Districts: 157

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